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Hi, there. I’m Vincent Hwang (黃柏文). I’m currently a PhD student supervised by Peter Schwabe (樂岩) at Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy. Currently, I’m learning how to verify assembly-optimized implementations of post-quantum cryptosystems. Before joining the PhD program, I obtained my master’s degree under the supervision of Yen-Huan Li (李彥寰). I mostly worked with Bo-Yin Yang (楊柏因). In particular, I was (and am) focusing on implementing number-theoretic transforms used in the lattice-based cryptosystems Dilithium, Kyber, NTRU, NTRU Prime, and Saber. My master thesis focuses on the following platforms:

You can find the details here.

I started studying assembly implementations of lattice-based cryptosystems when Bo-Yin Yang taught the course Post-Quantum Cryptography at National Taiwan University during the last two years of my undergraduate study. While I was an undergraduate, I spent most of the time on Theoretical Computer Science, in particular, graph algorithms and generalizations of sorting problems.


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